Defense Laundry Booster


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Defense Laundry Booster is a one step bacterial deodorizer & treatment easily applied through the wash rinse cycle with your regular wash. Defense Laundry Booster continually and proactively prevents odor, staining and deterioration without reducing wickability or performance. You’ll soon notice the absence mildew smell and sweat odors on towels and clothes.

• Treatment guards fabrics against Mat Grime caused by microbes like bacteria and fungus
• Protects fabrics from stains and odors caused by bacteria & mold 
• One 32oz bottle treats up to 480 loads
• Use with your regular detergent
• Does not alter “wickablility” of high-performance wear 
• Hypoallergenic
• FREE & CLEAR 100% free of perfumes and dyes, excellent for people with sensitive skin 
• Suitable for use in all washing machines including high efficiency (HE) models
• Safe for septic systems