Rashguard Protector


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This is our high quality rashguard protector!

It is very important to protect your compression clothing when washing. If you don't there is a huge possibility it wil peel. When you are training NoGi or when grappling or during your MMA training you are probably wearing fightshorts. With Velcro. The archenemy of compression clothing. Velcro makes compresion clothing peel, for this reason it is very important to wash your compression clothing separated from your fightshorts or to put your compressionclothing in a rashguard/compression clothing protecting bag. This bag does not only protect against velcro but also against other hard materials in your washing machine. 

Because we are familiar with these phenomena, we now sell rashguardproctecting bags to wash your compression clothing in!

Technical features: 

  • 35 cm x 40 cm
  • Thick, dual mesh material 
  • High quality polyester